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Let’s Begin Elevating Your Credit Today!

Welcome. You're On Your Way to Good Credit.

We know that it is very easy for your credit to go south, and it takes a lot of work to bring it back up. This is why we are dedicated to make your credit repair journey an investment that is truly worth it! You should not have to live with the weight of having bad credit due to unforeseen circumstances or financial hardships. Behind every credit score there is a story, and we are here to listen. 

Client Experience



Elevated Credit was founded on the principle of having our clients’ best interest in mind. We know that trusting a company with your credit file is at the bottom of your list but rest assured that we are determined to build a partnership with you that proves integrity and transparency.

Anthony H.

Founder and Consultant

How Do You Know If Credit Repair Is For You? 

If you have been dealing with bad credit for a while and you know you have derogatory/delinquent items such as collections, charge offs, late payments, etc. that are holding your score down, then credit repair is for you! Even though you might be on track with your credit now, until you get those removed from your credit report, having derogatory remarks, and delinquent accounts will not allow your credit score to increase as it should.


Let’s make sure all of that hard work pays off! Begin your credit repair journey with us today!

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Simple and to the point—Elevated Credit is a credit repair service that takes over the disputing process for you. We help you get rid of negative items such as collections, charge offs, late payments, and more.


Our service price ranges between $100-$140. Military and First Responders will receive a discounted price.

The reality is that if you are looking to pay less than $100 for a credit repair service, you will definitely notice the lack of quality in the service provided and consistency in communication. We're here to do our best for you!

Why Choose Elevated Credit?

Elevated Credit’s program is designed to keep you involved every step of the way.  We provide you with a client portal that focuses on communication and guidance and will keep you up to date with live updates on a monthly basis.  Our goal is to not only repair your credit file as a whole, but to also help you rebuild your credit along the way.

Our credit repair process allows you to go about your daily life while we work diligently on the back end for you. Assisting you with disputing to get negative items removed so that your credit score can have the freedom it needs to grow as it should!

Why We Are Different

We don’t believe in putting our clients in a tier system where if you pay more, more work will get done. With Elevated credit all your negative items will be disputed right from the start. Our focus is to get you the results you deserve as fast as possible.

  • We suppress your data for you

  • We eliminate all variations of your names and addresses

  • We use Metro 2 Compliance for all our disputes

  • We give you copies of all letters that are sent out

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